Talents From the Finance Sector are Coming to the Cryptocurrency Market

The correlation between the finance sector and cryptocurrency can be no longer be ignored. The lines between both industries are slowly beginning to blur. This only becomes more obvious due to the exodus of talent from the finance sector entering the cryptocurrency world. Various companies successfully hired new team members in the past few months.

Experts Leaving the Finance Sector

Depending on whom you pose the question to, Bitcoin may very well disrupt the finance sector. It can possibly do so by making several service providers obsolete. Whether or not that will ever happen, is a different matter altogether. Even so, experts in the finance sector are flocking to cryptocurrency companies as we speak. It is not a full-fledged exodus just yet, but still a noteworthy trend.

Sheri Kaiserman, the first person on Wall Street to write a report on Bitcoin in 2013, has left the Securities firm she ran to start a crypto fund.

Crypto is stealing the best talent from Silicon Valley & Wall Street. This will have a positive impact for the next decade.

— Pomp ? (@APompliano) March 24, 2018

Opportunities in the cryptocurrency are not hard to come by. With the industry maturing, companies go on hiring sprees quite regularly. The increasing regulation all over the world also increases the demand for specific employee “types” as well. When it consumes to legal and compliance, there will always be some job around the corner for financial experts.

Any experience built up in the finance sector will come in handy. It has become evident there is a growing demand for this expertise. Even major companies are looking for staffers who can help with accounting, investor relations, and investment banking. As these companies continue to grow, the need for a strong team will only become more apparent.

Coinbase and Blocktower

Earlier this month, Coinbase announced they hired Eric Scro. Some people may know him as an employee of the New York Stock Exchange. It is evident this hire will bring more legitimacy to Coinbase as a whole. Additionally, it will help stabilize and mature the cryptocurrency industry as well. What makes this hire so interesting is how it shows the future direction Coinbase wants to head in.

Blocktower also saw similar success not that long ago. This cryptocurrency hedge fund has attracted a lot of attention from the finance sector. That may sound unusual, but it is the normal evolution of this industry.  Cryptocurrency is here to stay and the rest of the world is taking notice. It has taken them a while to come around, but things are looking pretty good right now.

Unlike what some may think, the finance sector and cryptocurrency can coexist peacefully. The one can’t exist without the other these days. We still need the finance sector to enter the cryptocurrency space. Additionally, cryptocurrency offers some solutions people won’t find anywhere else. It makes for an interesting correlation, which only seems to intensify year over year.

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