Electrocoin Launches Its New Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Electrocoin Trade

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange services in Croatia, Electrocoin, has recently launched their new cryptocurrency exchange platform called Electrocoin Trade, providing services for natural and legal clients in the EU.

The platform includes two core services – cryptocurrency exchange and trading service without prior registration to the platform, and cryptocurrency exchange and trading service for registered users. This way, and following the recent regulatory development in the area of crypto regulation, Electrocoin introduced the new custodial model to their service, allowing them to act as a custodian for the assets clients chose to hold on their Electrocoin Trade accounts. By registering with Electrocoin Trade, users get to entrust their cryptocurrencies for safekeeping to a highly regulated platform, as they also get access to additional trading and user experience benefits such as lower trading fees and cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring.

Regardless of the new service, Electrocoin decided to keep the old service as well – any adult citizen in the EU can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies up to 1000 euros without verification or prior registration on the platform. This way, Electrocoin wanted to ensure their existing and future users had an option where they could still access crypto even if they would rather not register with the new platform. This service is possible due to regulatory approval for KYC-less money exchange under certain thresholds.

The platform supports cross-chain transfers and coin-to-coin swaps through a variety of protocols, including ERC-20, Polygon, BEP-20, and many more. Furthermore, with the release of the new platform, Electrocoin has also introduced one new service – paying bills with cryptocurrencies. Users of the platform can use their cryptocurrencies to settle any invoice that can be paid by bank transfer within the EU/SEPA zone. That being said, utility bills such as electricity, water, or internet, or even personal expenses such as vehicles or even real estate, can be paid with cryptocurrencies – as long as the payment recipient has a bank account number.

Electrocoin was founded back in 2014 and has since become an industry leader, introducing PayCek, a crypto payment processor, in 2018. and now the new cryptocurrency exchange platform. The company is committed to communication with the regulator and today, they count over 250,000 successful transactions, along with 24/7 available customer support with an average chat response time of one minute. Electrocoin Trade positions itself as a competitor to other top-tier European cryptocurrency exchanges, with the feature enabling the cryptocurrency exchange without prior identification specifically standing out.

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