ArixDEX Telegram mining bot launched: Paving the way to a huge DAO on TON chain

ArixDEX is a cross-chain exchange platform that ensures the safety and convenience of trading various tokens across multiple blockchain networks. It aims to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (ArixDAO), where all decisions are made collectively by its members, known as Gem Hands. This means that every community member will have the opportunity to participate in project management and make key decisions, making ArixDEX even more attractive to cryptocurrency users.

ARIX mining Telegram bot

ArixDEX recently launched its mining bot on Telegram, enabling users to earn the ARIX token directly from their Telegram app. This bot mines 0.5 ARIX per hour and also allows users to earn additional ARIX tokens by inviting friends and sharing their referral links.

The bot serves as an interactive platform to engage the community, encouraging participation and fostering a sense of belonging among users. In the first 24 hours after the bot’s launch, over 8,000 people joined the community, and this number continues to grow.

Community members of ArixDEX are known as Gem Hands, who collectively participate as token miners on Telegram and token holders. These dedicated individuals play a crucial role in the ecosystem, contributing to the growth and development of the ArixDEX platform.

ArixDAO on TON chain

ArixDEX has recently announced a transition of their token, ARIX, from the Ethereum (ERC-20) network to the TON network. This transition is primarily aimed at enhancing support for the ARIX mining bot for token distribution and voting, aiming to build a huge DAO community on TON chain.

The crypto quirk

ArixDEX distinguishes itself in the blockchain and crypto landscape with its unique branding as the “crypto quirk.” By embracing the unpredictable nature of the crypto world, ArixDEX takes a quirky and unconventional approach that captures users’ attention and builds a vibrant community. This creative branding, along with innovative features like the ARIX mining bot and DAO structure, establishes ArixDEX as a pioneer in decentralized finance. The “crypto quirk” concept promotes active participation and rewards, making cryptocurrencies more accessible and attractive to a wider audience.

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