Digital Shovel Announces S300 MiniPOD Line Of Module Crypto Mining Data Centers, Reducing Costs, Improving Portability And Driving Profitability

Digital Shovel, a leader in crypto mining infrastructure, today announced the latest evolution of its pioneering MiniPOD line of modular cryptocurrency mining datacenters, the S300 MiniPOD.

The S300 improves upon Digital Shovel’s popular mining data center solutions by minimizing product costs, creating a 60% reduction in transportation costs and making assembly easier for customers, all while boasting the same modular electrical system, ranging in size from 300 kilowatts (KW) to 3 megawatts (MW). The S300 can ship as a flat pack and can be erected on-site by two people within four hours, even without the assistance of a forklift.

“As a pioneer of the modular approach to cryptocurrency mining data centers, we constantly strive to expand, improve and innovate our already advanced product line,” said Scot Johnson, CEO of Digital Shovel. “The S300 MiniPOD represents the cutting-edge in mining, allowing customers to continue achieving maximum efficiency and profit wherever they choose to establish their data centers.”


Digital Shovel’s S300 MiniPOD line is equipped with a range of new features and specifications to ensure maximum miner efficiency and profitability in any environment.

The S300 MiniPOD boasts four all-new 1.1 KW direct drive fans, increasing pod airflow from 60,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 88,000 CFM, allowing for better miner temperatures and maximum profitability even in punishing environments.

It also holds a two-stage air intake filtration system that is now augmented by a 1-inch pre-filter that can be changed from outside of the pod based on atmospheric and environmental conditions to overcome dust, pollen, bugs or other large particulates, and better protect the more expensive primary filters.

The S300 also includes fully automated smart power distribution units (PDUs) to enable remote device control and wattage monitoring, as well as several autonomous features that minimize human resource overhead and maximize uptime.

Competitive Pricing

The S300 MiniPOD line boasts one of the most competitive prices in the industry at a range of $60,000 to $80,000 per MW with switchgear, nearly 35% below competitors. This is achievable thanks to Digital Shovel’s completely vertically-integrated North American production facility and the large economies of scale it achieves compared to others in the space. This vertical integration also allows Digital Shovel to deliver orders rapidly, in as little as three weeks depending on the size and options.

About Digital Shovel

Digital Shovel is a leader and pioneer in the crypto mining infrastructure and modular data center space, with experience delivering crypto mining equipment for over five years. Its innovative line of crypto mining containers, smart power distribution units (SPDUs) and turn-key solutions achieve maximum efficiency and profitability, giving customers the chance to take part in the digital asset revolution with plug-and-play passive income.

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