Edgevana integrates the Aptos Network to enhance ecosystem growth and accessibility for the next billion users

Edgevana, the company revolutionizing frictionless protocol participation has declared it has moved into the Aptos ecosystem. This announcement will deliver unrivaled convenience for operators, developers, and ecosystem projects interested in joining the Aptos network. By leveraging Edgevana’s one-click deployment marketplace, Aptos participants can effortlessly launch a Full Node, and Indexer Node, all completely decentralized, in a click of a button.

Aptos Operators will enjoy a range of benefits, including zero to operator deployment in under 60 seconds, access to guaranteed node decentralization, a private community of Aptos operators, full node analytics, benchmarking, and software update notifications to ensure network synchronization.

Ecosystem contributors will have access to these benefits as well as limitless API request queries for data indexing, exclusive access to a community of Aptos Developers, and unlimited RPC requests to their own dedicated Full Node. Current Edgevana Operators, developers, and institutions can launch an Aptos Public Full Node directly from Edgevana’s marketplace.

A spokesperson for the Aptos Foundation shared the following: “We are thrilled to welcome Edgevana to the Aptos ecosystem. Their one-click node deployment marketplace will make it even easier for node operators and developers alike to join the Aptos network and contribute to its growth. This reinforces our commitment to drive accessibility and decentralization in the blockchain industry, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the ecosystem.”

Ryan Fay, Co-Founder of Edgevana, added, “It’s been exciting to collaborate with Aptos and its community to deliver an unparalleled solution that allows operators to go from zero to validating in under 60 seconds while ensuring and guaranteeing the decentralization of the Aptos network. By reducing time, complexity, and cost for operators, it will accelerate Aptos’ mission to drive accessibility for the next billion users.”

This initiative aims to provide an easy-to-use, reliable way for participants to run a Full Node, and Indexer Node.

This milestone is a significant step forward in advancing the Aptos ecosystem’s growth and increasing accessibility for operators, developers, and ecosystem projects.

About Edgevana

Edgevana’s platform powers the next generation of the internet for everyday users with simplicity in mind. Users can access and participate in multiple protocols with our one-click-to-deploy features, exclusive incentive programs, and our partnership marketplace which creates a one-stop-shop experience to drive both Web2 and Web3 ecosystem adoption. For more information, visit www.edgevana.com.

About Aptos Network

Aptos is a next-generation Layer 1 blockchain. Aptos’ breakthrough technology and programming language, Move, are designed to evolve, improve performance and strengthen user safeguards. Please visit https://www.aptosfoundation.org for more information on the Aptos blockchain.

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