Aegis Custody Launches Best-In-Class Digital Asset Custody Platform for Qualified Custodian Gateways

Aegis Custody, a digital asset custodian offering regulatory compliant solutions and custody services for digital assets and Web3 on-chain transactions, announced today the release of its proprietary MPC based custody platform, Aegis Vault. It has been designed and optimized to provide industry-leading security for its customers as a two-directional custodial solution and regulatory gateway connecting clients to Web3 services, and offers transaction speeds of just 1-2 hours from cold storage, compared to the 48 hours provided by industry players.

One of the biggest challenges financial institutions face is ensuring compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, which is a time consuming administrative burden on participants. The Aegis Vault platform is a proprietary private key management and custodial solution coupled with an easy to use onboarding tool, which simplifies the management of KYC processes for customers. Customers can seamlessly interact with the company through the new platform’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), streamlining workflows that allow Aegis Custody to expand its support for a range of digital asset networks.

Aegis Vault is customized for Web3 activities and provides regulated gateways to custodian-approved products and services including staking, liquid staking, DeFi, OTC and exchanges. The platform offers multi-point access to its custody service via GUI or application program interface (API). This allows the same custody functionality to be accessed by a range of applications, providing flexible and broad business opportunities. It also can serve as a regulatory gateway allowing self-custody MPC wallets or exchange custody products to offer regulated solutions by leveraging Aegis’ existing, insured and regulated custody workflow.

“The release of Aegis Vault represents a significant milestone for our company, as it gives our clients a platform to easily access all of the digital asset custody services Aegis Custody offers,” said Serra Wei, CEO of Aegis Custody. “We are excited to continue to develop solutions and services to help innovate the industry. I believe Aegis Vault positions us well to meet client needs as they navigate the ever-evolving crypto market and bridges the gap between digital asset services and safe, regulated platforms.”

In addition to Aegis Vault, the company also offers its Multisig Vault for standard crypto custody. While the new platform launch focuses on providing regulated gateways, the existing Multisig solution manages digital assets end-to-end, including onboarding, account openings and account suspension and requires unique multi-signature and policy-based approvals.

To demonstrate its commitment to industry-standard security protocols and controls, Aegis Custody engaged a third-party auditor to certify it is SOC2 Type 1 compliant. The comprehensive evaluation establishes that the company has undergone rigorous testing and confirms it can ensure the security, confidentiality, processing integrity and availability of customer data and systems. This added level of security provides peace of mind for customers who entrust Aegis Custody with their valuable digital assets..

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About Aegis Custody

Aegis Custody is a US-qualified custodian through its entity Aegis Trust. The company offers institutional-grade blockchain-based custodial solutions for managing digital asset tokens, including DeFi, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Aegis Custody services asset owners and investors on a global scale and offers client-centric technology infrastructure and regulatory compliant solutions. To help provide a sense of security for clients, Aegis Custody offers an additional layer of safety with an insurance policy from market-leading global specialty (re)insurer, Canopius, via Lloyd’s of London, making Aegis Custody one of the only custodians to offer specie insurance for NFTs. This policy, along with its SOC2 Type 1 attestation, empowers Aegis Custody to safeguard a broad range of digital assets for institutional investors, hedge funds, and exchanges, facilitating long-term industry growth and supporting blockchain ecosystems.

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