GrineoPay, a Digital Currency Payment Services Company, Has Opened a Waitlist for Its New Debit Card

The Card will be available to all eligible Australian customers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / October 3, 2023 / Today, has unveiled their brand-new debit card set to launch in 2024 – enabling customers to spend any digital currency stored on while earning generous cash back on their purchases.

“We are smartly prepared for the Australian digital currency market and its turnover as well. According to our estimations, if the global number of bank card transactions was estimated at $581.22 billion as of 2021, it can be approximated that Australia accounted for 2.13% of the total card transactions, assuming that the distribution of digital currency card transactions is like that of bank cards across the world. For us, it means that the Australian digital currency card market can be estimated at around 12.4 million transactions in 2021,” – The GrineoPay team.

Analysts of the company stand bullish, predicting that the demand for digital currency in Australia will further increase in the future as the government establishes a favourable regulatory framework. Moreover, due to the growing popularity of digital currencies in other countries, Australians may likely start using more digital currencies, finally, given the increasing acceptance of digital currencies among major retailers and businesses.

The Card as a revolutionary product will bring together the security and convenience of a debit card with the benefits of digital currency. Customers will be able to store any digital currency in their account, allowing them to spend their digital assets anywhere Visa is accepted. As a bonus, customers will also receive cash back on all purchases they make with the card. has taken great care to ensure the security and privacy of its customers by utilising advanced security protocols. The debit card also comes equipped with features such as real-time transaction notifications, secure online access, and an exclusive customer service team available to answer any questions or concerns. Thus, with the GrineoPay debit card, Australian digital currency users can feel safe and secure while spending their assets. All transactions are protected by’s Zero Liability policy, which means customers are not responsible for any unauthorised purchases made with the card. Additionally, the card comes with state-of-the-art fraud protection to help keep customer data and money safe from hackers.

Starting in 2024, the clients will be able to use digital currency-supported ATMs. The card will be compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, making it easier than ever to use digital currencies anywhere and anytime to shop online or at any of the millions of outlets that accept cards worldwide.

As of today, the early-bird waitlist members, Australians, who are eligible, will get exclusive offers and perks after signing up for the Card via the website, among which is a physical debit card for free for the first 1000 clients. With this exciting new card, customers will have the power to use their digital currencies without having to convert them into fiat currency first.


Grineo Pty Ltd is a cutting-edge start-up with a mission to revolutionise digital payments in Australia: leveraging the power of digital currency, the team has been propelling the banking and software industries forward since 2013. Regulated by AUSTRAC. Address: Level 14, 5 Martin Place, Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia.


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