PAC Protocol’s PACapp Wallet Enhancement Keeps Pace with 2022 Metaverse Activity Increases, Offering Fast and Secure Crypto Transactions

PAC Global Holdings LLC, the operator of the world’s largest decentralized data blockchain network, announces their PACapp Mobile Wallet has been updated for improved digital asset support. PACapp, originally released in February 2020, reached a milestone of over 100,000 transactions in 2021. The FREE product continues to grow with the increased customer demand for mobile wallet products as crypto and metaverse activity trends upward.

One of the key benefits of the PACapp is the ability to perform instant transactions in 2 seconds or less. The decentralized PAC Protocol Network of Masternodes enables frictionless transfers worldwide, making them faster, safer, and cheaper than many competitors in the space, where transactions may take hours to clear.

Because PACapp is supported by PAC Protocol Masternodes running a live copy of the blockchain 24/7, it allows for certain functions to be carried out on a second layer solution of decentralized VPS servers. Masternodes form what are called Masternode quorums to help validate transfers that occur on the blockchain. These real-time Masternodes provide instant transactions, a secure network, and safely fragmented data storage capacity. This digital network connects business enterprise, merchants, and consumers with a fast, secure, and more cost-effective way to send digital transfers globally.

Additionally, PACapp offers a revolutionary way to send and receive tokens via “$PACTag,” the industry’s first and only way to send and receive digital assets and currencies using an immutable user ID. This eliminates long and confusing wallet addresses and helps pave the way for daily use adoption with a simple and easy way to transact.

PACapp is the Breathtakingly Safe, Free to Use, and Easy Way to Transact with your Digital Assets.

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