Acuity Trading’s AssetIQ set to revolutionise online trading experience

Acuity Trading today launched their latest online trading tool and broker offering, AssetIQ. AssetIQ is a centralised multi-asset research experience, bringing together Fundamental, Technical, Sentiment and Alternative data viewpoints to deliver a deeper understanding of what is driving individual asset performance.

AssetIQ goes beyond data visualisation by utilising Acuity’s AI technology to analyse these multiple, disparate data sets to deliver a single and concise Opportunity Score for every asset. Each Opportunity Score is ranked against other assets in the same group or class so traders can understand the strength of the opportunities presented.

This multi-indicator analysis is revolutionising the online trading experience for traders around the world, helping them to make quicker and more informed decisions. Packed full of market insights, actionable trade ideas and powerful visualisations, the AssetIQ tool is designed to support traders of all experience to find their next trading opportunity.

Acuity Trading, CEO Andrew Lane said, “Acuity continues to pioneer innovation, research and development in the fintech field and we’re tremendously proud to bring to market our latest product offering, AssetIQ. The product is an exemplary accomplishment. It showcases the outstanding work of our best-in-class data scientists, developers and R&D team as they continue to chip away at the traditional linear approach to financial data display, understanding and usage.”

Acuity Trading, Product Manager Vlad Novopoltsev said, “Multi-asset data tools like AssetIQ require extensive data and analytical processing power. We wanted to focus on building a tool that delivers a comprehensive research experience but one that also explicates the data in a simple and visually compelling way so that traders are empowered and brokers can achieve tangible returns too.”

Like Acuity’s other products, brokers can leverage AssetIQ to create exceptional user experiences for their traders beyond the trading terminal. A powerful marketing tool, AssetIQ offers engaging, visual and dynamic content to drive engaging campaigns to stimulate trading activity, drive deposits and increase trading volumes for brokers.

AssetIQ can be customised to mirror a broker’s asset watchlist, their branding, local languages and it can be integrated with their CRM, marketing automation and social platforms to ensure maximum reach and optimal engagement with their traders. Brokers can also choose parts of the AssetIQ page to display, allowing them to fine-tune the content depending on the context and maximise the benefits to the end users.

AssetIQ is available via plug and play HTML5 widgets and via API for direct integration with broker infrastructures.

About Acuity Trading

Acuity Trading revolutionised the online trading experience for millions of investors with the introduction of visual news and sentiment tools in 2013. Today, Acuity continues to lead the fintech market with alpha generating alternative data and highly engaging trading tools using the latest in AI research and technology. Acuity’s team of academics, scientists, news and market professionals are dedicated to delivering highly effective data products that bring value to investors of all levels and experience. Flexible delivery options include APIs, MT4/5, plug and play widgets and third-party automation services.

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