A Direct-To-Fan Music Platform Built to Support Indie Musicians

Set to launch in Q4 2021, BASSCUBE is a unique online NFT platform that facilitates meaningful interaction between independent music artists and their loyal fans. BASSCUBE is building a music platform that allows fans to interact with the Blockchain without needing to have prior knowledge of how it works. This is what sets BASSCUBE apart.

Musicians and fans on BASSCUBE become part of an engaged, mutually beneficial community with direct access to each other. The more people that join any given group and interact and purchase, the higher the valuation goes. To that end, the proprietary BASSCUBE dashboard allows artists to identify their most active and motivated fans.

Similar to Patreon, indie musicians can generate sustainable income through fan donations, permanent royalties, and by dropping content exclusive to BASSCUBE – NFTs, unreleased tracks, merch, performances, and personalized gifts. Fans are able to purchase these digital items and experiences, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrency, or collected long-term. They own a piece of the music they love, with the bonus of connecting with their favorite artists.

Another differentiator for BASSCUBE is that it delivers payment to musicians immediately. In standard royalty chains, there are numerous players in the middle, which can result in delays, deductions, and lack of transparency. BASSCUBE automates everything with a smart contract transaction protocol that instantly pays an artist as soon as a purchase is triggered. Such transparency provides full traceability – “code doesn’t lie.”

Albums, CDs and Vinyl are things of the past for most, so ownership of music looks very different in our digitized world. BASSCUBE allows owners to sell their digital assets – NFTs – on the secondary market, which is protected by smart contracts. Such exchanges have a dynamic price tier, unlike existing streaming or digital music sales models, where revenue-per-fan is generated uniformly regardless of the fan’s enthusiasm level. BASSCUBE allows musicians to discover fans most willing to pay higher prices, giving them the incentive to stay in touch with them and offer perks.

Ownership also provides musicians financial flexibility – assets can be loaned or borrowed. Musicians can get upfront money by staking their music NFTs. Via digital ownership in the music industry. BASSCUBE makes intangible assets tangible, and with greater liquidity.

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