Brane Capital Commits to Carbon Neutrality, Contributing to Greening of Blockchain

Brane Inc. (“Brane”), a leading independent cryptocurrency custody service provider, has become the first company of its kind to become a Signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord (the “Accord”). The Accord is a private sector-led initiative inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, focused on reducing the environmental footprint of the cryptocurrency sector by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“At Brane, we believe that blockchain technology can both be environmentally sustainable, and make ground-breaking contributions to the fight against climate change and other efforts to protect the environment,” said Patrick McLaughlin, Brane’s Founder. “As the massive mainstream adoption of crypto assets continues, and all of us experience the impacts of climate change including wildfires, floods, and droughts, the race is on to provide clients, regulators, and the public with confidence that blockchain and crypto can be consistent with a healthy planet. Brane is proud to be leading the charge.”

“There is a clear need for the crypto sector, like all others, to source from renewables,” said Jesse Morris, CEO at Energy Web, a founding organization of the Accord. “With its commitment to reducing and offsetting emissions, Brane has an opportunity to lead the crypto custody space in support of a more sustainable future.”

In addition to committing to net-zero emissions from electricity by 2030, Brane will collaborate with over 100 Accord signatories and supporters to advance the environmental sustainability of crypto and blockchain.

The Accord’s early signatories include DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (TSX-V: DMGI) (DMGGF: OTCQB) (FSE: 6AX), an environmentally friendly Canadian blockchain and crypto company that has pioneered sustainable, non-polluting Bitcoin mining operations and recently made a $3-million strategic investment in Brane (see DMG news release, June 8, 2021).

Brane is currently conducting an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations, and expects to become carbon neutral certified later this year.

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