The Tokenist Announces Crypto and DeFi-Focused Telegram Channel

Interest in digital assets continues to soar, as more people than ever are beginning to explore decentralized finance. Against cash devaluation, Bitcoin is positioned as the vanguard of the crypto industry. Yet, Bitcoin represents only a fraction of rapidly evolving Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Financial Technology (FinTech).

While full of promise, these spaces are difficult to navigate. Dense with jargon and technical concepts, they can lead investors astray and discourage engagement. This itself leads to many missed opportunities.

To wade through this jungle and leave a clear-cut path for investors to follow, The Tokenist is pleased to announce the launch of its Telegram channel. As a trustworthy source at the forefront of financial education, The Tokenist has made it its mission to track the shift from traditional finance to DeFi. The official Telegram channel will make this paradigm shift easier for everyone to follow.

Perks to Joining The Tokenist Telegram Channel

In the crypto space alone, there are dozens of news items daily. TheTokenist filters them out, using rigorous criteria to select breaking stories with the greatest impact on one’s personal finance and the crypto space as a whole. While leveraging strategic partnerships, only those stories with data-driven insights will be shared.

The Tokenist’s global team will keep members up-to-date with multi-sourced news in the crypto / DeFi / Digital Asset / FinTech spaces, regardless of time zones. Without flooding you with notifications, as a member of TheTokenist Telegram channel, you will gain access to unbiased, incisive and filtered content, all for free.

About The Tokenist

The Tokenist is a 100% self-funded team of experts with relevant backgrounds in cryptocurrencies, private equity, and digital media consulting. The founding team understands both traditional finance and the disruptive potential of emerging technology. Yet, The Tokenist also prioritizes educational accessibility – making this space understandable for all.

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